Skillz Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulations to our Bonus Cash Giveaway Sweepstakes winners!

The 50 players below were selected in our most recent sweepstakes to win $100!

OraliaCiriaco EngineTrusting418 Yulyq2004
Aguilar1978 GlitzGrantee198 aloha4668
Ohhwhyme Lilmamma316 Lvaldes-21
OrganLoving62 Haygood5311 Somike2020
B4favre4 Dzenijey inthesky87
BigFish_77 Lilly2210 Munkinelli
DynamicEggnog733 Bigdog8788 SSc00ter
Brian2271 The~Scorpio~ Rnd~2
Slappy75 Yardman232 xtinatale
Wandy0718 Carmenbohorquez99 stringcheezie
Reptorrrr ESP1987 tigersrock7
WindSong007 WakefulBlushSr MgrDueGood
TinYuk Karenoliviazoe JaggedCellar2000
Mar-76 Bumblees Dr-Monopoly
BingoBox Appy1428 Momele31
Feisty_93 kick_your_butt Lauren_G_
Skw1105 Sid4123  
Tiredalways exclusivelyurs  


A credit of $100.00 in Bonus Cash has been added to your account if your username is listed above. These funds should be available for you to play with immediately!

From everyone here at Skillz - We thank you for playing, and congratulations once more!