Uploading an Android Binary

When you are ready to go live or if you simply need to update your Android game, you will need to upload your newest binary in Developer Portal.

Before generating a binary (apk) that is ready for release, make sure that you have pointed your game's Skillz environment to "Production". You can do that by going to your AndroidManifest.xml file and by changing the value of skillz_production to true like so:

<meta-data android:name="skillz_production" android:value="true" />

After you have set skillz_production to true, you will generate a signed apk which you can access by going to Android Studio's toolbar -> Build -> Generate Signed APK


Clicking "Generate Signed APK" will bring up this modal:


If you have multiple modules, make sure to choose the right module you want to create a release build for then click "next".

If you haven't created a Key Store for your game yet, click "Create New" which will bring you to this form below: 


Fill up the form and make sure to store your password somewhere safe. You'll need this password each time you create a signed apk for release.


Once you have created a key which you will only do once, click "Next" again, and you'll be brought to this screen:


Make sure that the build type is set to "release" since this build is the one that you will share with your users. Clicking "Finish" will generate the signed apk which you can find in your project's directory. Lastly, you will then upload this release apk in the binaries tab of your game's developer portal.


If your game has cash tournaments enabled, there is a chance that this form will be locked and you will have to contact us at integrations@skillz.com to request this form be unlocked.