Creating a Custom Skillz SDK Theme For an Android Game


To apply a custom theme to your android game, you will configure and then download a custom_theme.json file which you will place it in the “assets” directory of your game’s Android Studio project. Detailed instructions are provided below.


Step 1

After configuring your custom theme in Developer Portal and pressing "Save to Sandbox", press the “Email Assets” button (shown below) to receive a download link of your Android JSON file, aptly named custom_theme.json:



Step 2

Create an assets folder in Android Studio if your project does not already have one:



Then press the FINISH button on the subsequent dialog that appears:



Step 3

Now select the assets folder you just created in your project’s Android view, and right click it to bring up a contextual menu:



Choose “Reveal in Finder” (or “Reveal in Explorer” on Windows). This will open the corresponding assets folder on your hard drive. 

Now locate the custom_theme.json file that you downloaded and drag it into the assets folder on your hard  drive:



Step 4

Finally, confirm that the custom_theme.json file has now been added to your Android Studio project:



If the custom_theme.json file appears in the project as shown above, then you have successfully applied your custom Skillz theme to your Android game!