Install Unity SDK

The Skillz Unity SDK should be integrated if you are launching a Unity cross-platform game on the Skillz platform. 

Note: If you have previously integrated a Unity SDK, please find the relevant migration instructions below:

  • Updating from v17.x:
    • If you are on Skillz SDK 17.0.x or lower, you may need to update your codebase. Skillz SDKs 18.0.x and above support cross platform integration which means you will only need one codebase in order to release to both iOS and Android. Check out steps 3-8 of this article to learn about the new function calls you should make.
  • Updating from v18.x:
    • In v18.x, you added your integration to SkillzDelegate.cs directly. In this new version (19.x and higher), SkillzDelegate.cs is now an internal Skillz only file. DO NOT MODIFY THIS UPDATED FILE. Instead, you should save your integration from SkillzDelegate.cs, and you will re-add this later as part of creating a class which implements the SkillzSyncDelegate interface.

Step 1: Download the Unity SDK

Download the cross-platform Unity SDK in the Downloads tab of the Skillz Developer Portal.


Step 2: Import assets

With your Unity project open, double click on the Unity package skillz_unity_crossplatform.unitypackage. Make sure to import all of the assets from this Unity package.



You have now installed the Unity SDK into your Unity project. Next, you'll have to set up the Skillz Delegate and perform the actual core integration. You can learn how to do that here.