All Skillz Method Calls for Unity

This article will teach you all of the Skillz method calls that are available for Unity developers. If you haven't yet integrated the Skillz Unity SDK, you should refer to this article.

Skillz Method Calls

This method call is used to launch the Skillz UI. This is usually called when Unity starts, but it can also be hooked to a multiplayer button.

This is a boolean to check whether or not the player is in a Skillz match.

This returns a Hashtable of your game parameters that you set in Developer Portal. You can use these parameters to customize the gaming experience for each tournament. Parameters that you set in the Developer Portal will be sent to the SDK as strings.

This method aborts a player out of a match and returns to the Skillz UI. This will display the player's score as "Aborted". A player who aborts automatically loses to their opponent with a score of 0.

This method is called each time a player's score changes. This helps in preventing players from cheating the system. This method can accept a string, a float, or an int as its score.

This method is used when a match ends to report the final score to our servers, and returns the player to the Skillz UI. This method can accept a string, a float, or an int as its score.

This method returns the current SDK version that the player is on.

This method returns the current player's display name.

This method accepts a json string and an IsMatchInProgress boolean. This is used if you want to add meta data for a match. Collected data will only be available to Skillz and will help Skillz identify fairness in level based games. 

Player class
This returns an object that includes the current player's ID, Avatar URL, and Flag URL.

Random class
This class is used to ensure fairness in your matches. This will enable your game to return the same set of random numbers both players in a match. Developers will need to use this if their game involves variables that use random numbers, to prevent them from affecting gameplay.