iPhone X compatibility

The latest version of the Skillz SDK, v20.1.4, offers full support for iPhone X resolutions.

If you previously enabled iPhone X compatibility within your app by excluding a static launch image for iPhone X in your Xcode project, you will either have to: 

  1. Add iPhone X launch images*
  2. Switch to using a Launch Screen File (LaunchScreen.xib) instead of static launch images.


*Read below for more information on how to add iPhone X launch images:

Select your project target. Under the General tab, scroll down to App Icons and Launch Images. Click on the arrow to the right of Launch Images Source to view your Images.xcassets.


Add your iPhone X images.

  • Portrait resolution of 375pt × 812pt @3x
  • Landscape resolution of 812pt x 375 pt @3x. 



Ensure launch image source is set to new static launch image set

You can do this by going to your project target’s General tab → scroll down to find Launch Images Source. Launch Image should be selected.