iPhone X compatibility

Letterboxing for iPhone X compatibility using Xcode 9 targeting iOS 11.

We are currently working to include iPhone X resolution support to our SDKs. In the meantime, you can follow the steps below to force iPhone X compatibility on Xcode 9 targeting iOS11. This will effectively force your app to have top and bottom black letterboxing and prevent your app from scaling to fill the entire screen. 

Step 1: Create a new iOS launch image

Select your project target. Under the General tab, scroll down to App Icons and Launch Images. Click on the arrow to the right of Launch Images Source to view your Images.xcassets.


At the bottom of the xcassets column, click on the + button → App Icons & Launch ImagesNew iOS Launch Image.


Step 2: Add launch images of support devices

Add all the static launch images you support, making sure to exclude iPhone X image (ex: 812h@3x.png)


Step 3: Ensure launch image source is set to new static launch image set

You can do this by going to your project target’s General tab → scroll down to find Launch Images Source and select the new Launch Image.

Note: If you were using launch screen xib files previously, you will need to use launch screen images as explained above to force iPhone X letterboxing compatibility.