Frequently Asked Questions for Skillz' Channel Hosting Incentives

Will this streamer link work with streaming services other than Twitch?

Yes! The streamer link is completely self-contained, meaning you can send it to anyone or post it anywhere. As long as an individual downloads a game using your link, you will get credited for the install.

What is Skillz’ Partnership program?

The Skillz’ Partnership program is a way to make money by getting your viewers and friends to watch and play in mobile game tournaments. Host our live tournament channel when you are offline or need a break from streaming, and let your viewers spectate live, real-money tournaments. When viewers are ready to download the game and join the tournament, you will be paid for each install.

How does the Skillz Partnership program work?

Upon creating your Skillz Streamer account, you will receive a personalized install link to show to your viewers. You will be paid for each person who installs a game using your link.


How much will I get paid?

For each install using the link, you will be paid $2, and receive an additional $100 in Skillz Bonus Cash for every 100 installs.

How do I get paid?

When it comes time to send out your first monthly payment, we’ll send you an email to get you signed up with our 3rd party payment provider, From that point forward, you will automatically receive monthly payments via Note that we do not obtain or store your financial information.

For partners outside of the United States, PayPal serves as our 3rd party payment provider. We will reach out to you for your PayPal information upon your first month’s payment.

Partners must have more than two installs in the payment period in order to receive a payment.


How do my installs get tracked?

Your installs are tracked through a personalized link that we will send you upon creation of your account. This link brings your viewers to a list of Skillz games, and if a viewer installs any of those games your account will be credited for the install.


Where can I see how many installs I’ve gotten this month?

At the end of each month, we will send you an email statement detailing how many people installed games using your link throughout the month. If you want to see your current number of installs before the end of the month, please reach out to


What if my viewers don’t use my link?

Unfortunately, if viewers don’t use your install link you will not be credited for the install. So make sure your viewers use your link to install the games!


What’s the best way to make sure my viewers are
using my link?

The best way to make sure your users know to use your personalized install link is by posting instructions in a Twitch panel, and setting up a chat-bot (using Nightbot or another free service). Here’s some sample text that we found works great:

“Enjoying the mobile tournament? Join in for free to compete for real prizes! Go to {personalizedInstallLink} and support my stream by installing the game. Good luck!”

I've lost my link – can I get a new one?

If you forget or lose your link, please send an email to with ‘[Retrieve Streamer Link : {your streamer name}]’ in the subject line. Someone from the Skillz live team will reach out shortly to provide you with your link.


How do I host the Skillz live tournament channel on Twitch?

Hosting the Skillz’ channel on Twitch is easy! All you have to do is add “Skillz” to your auto hosting list (instructions here) or type “/host Skillz_Live” into your text box when you’re ready to host our channel. Your stream will then begin to broadcast our 24/7 tournament channel whenever you are not streaming.


How can I make more money with Skillz?

You can earn over $2000 per month by streaming your own Skillz tournaments! For more information, please see our private tournaments page at


How can I use Skillz Bonus Cash?

Skillz Bonus Cash is awarded in-game to Skillz players, and can be used to compete for real money prizes in any game on the Skillz platform.