Go Live Checklist in Detail

The final step of adding a game in the Skillz developer portal contains a checklist for going live. This article explains each item of that checklist in more detail.

Initialize your game to use game id "X".
Make sure you are using the game ID provided here to initialize Skillz in your game.

iOS Document on initializing Skillz (Step 4)
iOS Unity Document on initializing Skillz (Step 2)
Android Document on Initializing Skillz (Step 4)
Verify that scores and tournament results are being properly reported.
Make sure that the scores obtained in your games are being properly received by Skillz.

Verify you can play in all configured tournaments.
Make sure that all of the tournaments you configured in the Skillz developer portal are present and playable in your game, and are running with the correct game parameters.

Ensure that winners are being determined correctly.
In step 3 of the Add a Game wizard, you specified whether the highest or lowest score should win tournaments. Make sure that this is being respected in your game.

Ensure that any pause or abort functionality that you've set up is functioning properly.
Check that your game is properly being aborted in the appropriate places. It is a good idea to prompt users with a warning before they take any action that would cause them to abort a game.

Verify that no Skillz operations cause your game to crash.
Make sure your game is bug and crash free after integrating with Skillz.
Skillz Fairness has been tested and is working properly.
To ensure your game has Skillz Fairness, you should be using Skillz random number generation methods in multiplayer tournaments so that all players can enjoy the same experience. Test that Skillz Fairness is working by creating two new users and entering them into the same tournament template. These users will likely be matched, but this may require multiple tries due to our player matching algorithm. Once they are matched, make the same moves and gameplay decisions for both users to confirm the the player experience is identical. For example, in a solitaire game, the starting cards should be the same, and after the first move, the next dealt card should also be the same for both players.

iOS Documentation
iOS Marmalade Documentation
Android Documentation (Step 4)
Unity Documentation

After making verifying everything on our checklist, you should be ready to move your game to production, and then go live!