Enable your players to compete for real-world prizes

Games that meet the following criteria may apply to have tournaments with real-world prizes enabled. Please note that games must remain in compliance with these conditions in order to maintain their real-prize tournaments.

  1. A minimum of a 100 DAU
  2. Skillz-based according to the Skillz patented algorithm
  3. Skillz Random is properly implemented
  4. The game is live with the latest Skillz SDK integrated
  5. Free of bugs, crashes, and UX errors
  6. A 4-star rating in the appropriate app store
  7. No third-party ads before during or after tournaments with real-world prizes
  8. No Skillz branding or marks in the game, app store listing, or other marketing materials without explicit permission from Skillz

If your game meets these criteria, apply for real-world prizes here. Our Developer Support team will be in touch within five business days.

Please note that in limited cases, we request content and/or best practice changes to your game as a precursor to enabling real-world prizes.