Apple App Store Submission

Advertising Identifier

The Skillz Platform uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) in order to serve advertisements within the app, attribute the app installation to a previously served advertisement, and attribute an action taken within the app to a previously served advertisement.

When submitting to the app store and asked about IDFA, make sure to check all boxes as shown on the screenshot below. 

Export Compliance

Skillz does not export encryption and so you should make sure to answer 'No' on this section when submitting your app to the Apple Store. Below is a screenshot for your reference.

Reviewer Notes
When you submit/resubmit  an app to the app store we recommend you include these reviewer notes along with your app. Skillz uses this living document to help you with your app submission and actively updates it. Please reach out to if you have any questions.
Note for Apple About Skillz to be dropped into reviewer notes
Test credentials for Skillz tournaments:
Username: 'Apple-tester'
Password: 'cupertino'
Modified: June 24, 2016
In accordance with Section 5.3.4, skill-gaming competitions (powered by Skillz) are geo-restricted to players located where competing for real money in skill-based games is legal. Because the game also includes free tournaments that do not have cash prizes, the app can be accessed from anywhere but users in prohibited jurisdictions are blocked from entering real money competitions.
In accordance with Section 3, the game’s multiplayer functionality allows players to deposit money into an account for competing against other players for real prizes (where allowed by law). The deposited money is not a virtual good and cannot be used for the purchase of virtual goods.