Apple App Store Submission Best Practices

iTunes Store Configuration Overview

This section explains the various fields that need to be configured when preparing to submit your Skillz-integrated application for Apple review. Each heading corresponds to an area in iTunes Connect.

App Information

Name: (30 character limit)

Subtitle: (30 character limit)


Main: Games

Secondary: Sports, (plus a genre-specific category)

Privacy Policy URL: Use your own URL if you have one. If not, use:

Bundle ID: (unique ID set by the app developer for use in Xcode)

SKU: (unique ID set by the app developer, not visible on the store)

Apple ID: (automatically generated by Apple during ITC setup)

Primary Language: (your app’s main language)

License Agreement: (This will typically use Apple Standard agreement)

Rating: (+17 for all Skillz games)


Version Information

What’s New:  (4,000 character limit, used for version updates)

Promotional Text: (170 character limit)

Keywords: (100 character limit)

Description: (4,000 character limit)

Support URL: Use your own URL if you have one, if not, use

Marketing URL: (your company website)

Screenshots: (marketing images to promote your app)


General App Information

Copyright: (For an original game, this would normally be your company and the first year it was published)

Trade Representative Contact Information: (unchecked)

Company Contact Information: (your own company information)

Routing App Coverage File: (optional, allows the app developer to specify supported regions)


App Review Information Section

Information:

Username: ‘Apple-tester’

Password: ‘cupertino’

Contact Information: (this contact will be notified of any review issues for follow-up)


In accordance with Section 5.3.4, skill-gaming competitions (powered by Skillz) are geo-restricted to players located where competing for real money in skill-based games is legal. Because the game also includes free tournaments that do not have cash prizes, the app can be accessed from anywhere but users in prohibited jurisdictions are blocked from entering real money competitions.


In accordance with Section 3, the game’s multiplayer functionality allows players to deposit money into an account for competing against other players for real prizes (where allowed by law). The deposited money is not a virtual good and cannot be used for the purchase of virtual goods.

Attachment: (not usually needed)


iTunes Store Submission

Please note: Developers enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program as an individual should take extra care following these guidelines in order to avoid unnecessary rejections or delays.

Advertising Identifier

The Skillz Platform uses the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) in order to serve advertisements within the app, attribute the app installation to a previously served advertisement, and attribute an action taken within the app to a previously served advertisement.

When submitting to the app store and asked about IDFA, make sure to check all boxes as shown on the screenshot below. 

Export Compliance

Skillz does not export encryption and so you should make sure to answer 'No' on this section when submitting your app to the Apple Store. Below is a screenshot for your reference.

Content Rights

This section will appear if you are submitting your app for the first time. If considering the Skillz SDK only, you can select 'No' on this section when submitting your app to the Apple Store. Below is a screenshot for your reference.


Apple Content Description & Simulated Gaming

When you’re in the Apple Content Description table be sure to select “None” for the Simulated Gambling row.