Game Menu Optimization



Game Menu Optimization - About Skillz Entry Points

Menu Optimization Explained

The two most common scenarios in which publishers choose to integrate Skillz into a game that impact the manner in which game menu’s change are:

1) Integrating into an existing game

2) Integrating into a new game set up specifically for Skillz.  These are explained below. 

Integrating into a game set up specifically for Skillz matches.

When games are released specifically for Skillz we recommend that the games make only one game play option available (which takes you into Skillz)  This is evident in games such as Bubble Shooter! Tournaments

Integrating Skillz into an existing game.        

 The best result for drive  gamers to tournaments is that ensure that Skillz is the dominant game play mode. 

An important part of this is the button that enters Skillz therefore we provide guidance on button names and sizes.  Great buttons are easily understood.


Fig 2 - An animated multiplayer button competes with “Play”


Acceptable Buttons (See sample button library)

We recommend publishers use larger size buttons to enter Skillz. Good buttons use easy to understand competitive words such as:

  • Play
  • Multiplayer
  • VS.
  • Tournaments. 

Note: Some of the more successful games have had animated buttons that draw even more attention.  Animated buttons generally help. 

Unacceptable Buttons

  • Buttons that use the Skillz logo as the sole button to enter Skillz.
  • Buttons that are small buttons, buttons that are smaller than “single player”
  • Buttons that have poor placement and are at the bottom of a group of buttons. 
  • Buttons that conditionally appear or are “Blocked” by completing some other game mode.

Publisher must make the Skillz button more prominent than their original gameplay modes such as single player games.  A few reasons:

  • Cash players in Skillz are the highest value users and can generate several dollars per day per player.  This is much higher than the value of “Freemium” users.
  • Players that compete in Skillz typically have a higher rate of retention than players that do not.  Multiplayer competitions keep players coming back again and again.
  • Give new life to an older, previously released title.  Why hide a catchy new feature when you can use it to create a buzz and attract more users. 
  • Skillz works best with lots of players.   The more players in the multiplayer tournaments, the better.  
  • Skillz is for everyone and has free play modes for players to complete for Z.


Fig 3 - A modified version of an existing game  menu that embraces a new feature Tournament


 Multiple Entry Points for Skillz

Even with a large button that calls attention to it, players may opt to start with a single player game play mode first so that they may try out a game without being compared to another player It is possible a player could enter single player and play for days, or even months without revisiting a game menu.  This is a big problem if this happens. 

This problem is easy to solve most of the time since games typically have a “game over” or game end screen that provides a score and other information.  In almost all games we identify the game over screen for single player mode and ask if they can place a “multiplayer” option there.  They will say “yes” most of the time. 

Fig 4.- The below example is a standard way to encourage players to enter tournaments from right within the game end screen in a single player game.  Note that the multiplayer button matches the main menu button shown in fig 1.