Linking a Skillz Only SKU With Your Original SKU

To ensure that your Skillz only SKU shares the same player population as your existing game we recommend the following steps;


  1. Test your game on the sandbox server by using your existing game id

  2. Make sure you have the same game play and tournaments in both games, no new tournaments or bonus points. The scoring and gameplay must be the same as the original SKU.

  3. When satisfied with your testing  and ready to go live, click on your existing live game in the Skillz Developer Portal and go to the Game Binaries section.

  4. Upload your new SKU’s binary.


That is all this required, your two independent game SKU will now be seen by Skillz as a single game and share the same players and tournaments.


Optional notifications steps;


  1. If you want to support notifications in your game you will need to create a new p12 file for your new SKU. This can be created just like in your original game following the steps listed on our iOS or Android Notifications documentation.

  2. Go to the Notifications section of your existing game in the Skillz Developer Portal.

  3. Uncheck the “Overwrite?” checkbox to ensure that your existing certificate for your other SKU is not overwritten.

  4. Upload your p12 file.

  5. Test your notifications using the provided tool.


Now notifications will work for both SKUs.