Add Your First Game

After setting up an account on the Skillz Developer Portal, enabling Skillz tournaments for your game is as easy as following these six steps:



Step 1: Add New Game

To add a game, go to the dashboard tab of the Developer Portal, and then click the Get Started - Add Your Game button. This will take you through a five-step wizard to register your new game with Skillz. On the first step, you will input the platform, title and win metric for your game.


Step 2: Integration

On the second step, you can download the Skillz SDK and integrate it into you game. Follow the links on this page for detailed steps-by-step instructions, as well as example code you can look at.  

Also, notice your new game has been assigned a unique "Game ID" - this means your game is now registered with Skillz, and you will use this Game ID in the integration process to allows Skillz to identify your game.

When you correctly integrate your game with the Game ID, the game will be automatically registered with our “Sandbox” server so you can immediately begin testing!


Step 3: Customize your Tournaments

On the fourth step, you will configure the tournaments that will be available in your game. At this point you can also customize different Game Parameters for each tournament. Learn more about tournaments here.

You can also add default Game Parameters (iOS or Android) that will be applied to all your tournaments on this step. You can always modify these Game Parameters later.


Step 4: Additional Information

On the fourth step, you will add some important information and assets for your game, including a description, an App Store URL, an App icon and a screenshot of your gameplay.  These data are used by Skillz to promote your game, include it in on our Game Portal, and create tutorials.



Step 5: Notifications

In this step, you will set up your game to enable Skillz' push notifications.  With experience across 1000+ game SKUs, we've found our push notification campaigns to be an extraordinarily successful way to retain and engage players.

This step will differ from platform to platform.


Step 6: Go Live

In the final step, once you've thoroughly tested your game in our Sandbox environment, you'll update your game to point to our Production environment, upload the new binary, and submit your game to Skillz.  We'll review your game to make sure everything is good to go, then release it into the wild with your new multiplayer tournament management system!

Next Steps

Now you can monitor your game's performance with our built in developer analytics suite, and, when it's ready, you can request cash tournaments be enabled for your game, so you can start earning!