Add Your First Game

After setting up an account on the Skillz Developer Portal, you will need to complete these six steps in order to successfully launch your game.



First, go to the Dashboard tab of the Developer Portal, and click the Get Started - Add Your Game button. This will take you through our comprehensive process to register your new game with Skillz.

After reading through the introduction page, and click “Next”

Step 1: Game Information

You will then arrive at the Game Information page. You’ll need to enter supported platforms, app title, app ID, app description and app icon, as well as selecting currency settings, gameplay orientation, and scoring method for your game.


Step 2: Skillz SDK

Your new game has now been assigned a unique "Game ID" (which you can now view in the top right corner of the “Skillz SDK” page). This means your game is now registered with Skillz. You will use this Game ID in the integration process to allows Skillz to identify your game. When you correctly integrate your game with the Game ID, the game will be automatically registered with our Sandbox server so you can immediately begin testing.

This page has three main sections: Download SDK, Instructions, and Examples.

  • In the Download SDK section, you will be able to download the Skillz SDK.
  • Then follow the detailed step-by-step instructions on how to complete the integration process for your operating system.
  • In the Examples section, check out other projects.

Step 3: Fairness

Fairness is one of the most important promises Skillz makes to our players. Fairness is also what enables games using our platform to be cash-enabled because it means that winning is based on skill, not on chance.

In this step, you will be prompted to upload screenshots of two players playing a match against each other. You will be playing for both of these players to verify that if you do the same exact moves, your game will give you the same outcome, and thus be considered a fair game.

The reason we do this is to give you a tool to test fairness. You can then change your game if you discover that it’s unfair.

Once your game is launched and reaches at least 100 daily active users, our Skillz algorithm will be able to collect the data to determine whether your game is fair and ready for cash-enablement.


Step 4: Configuration Section

In the configuration section, you’re can add things to your game that will help with your post launch success. All of these steps may be completed in any order, but you must complete all of them before publishing. For the Theming and Tournaments sections you may use the default settings, however all other steps require your input.

If your game is virtual currency, this is where you will configure the virtual currency packages that players can purchase on your store.

  • Theming: This allows you to customize the look of the Skillz UI using our “Custom Theme” feature so that it can feel native to your game. For more information please read our documentation on theming.


  • Tournaments: This allows you to set different names, stakes, prizes and gameplay modes for your players. Optimizing these tournaments for your audience can increase engagement and amount of cash games played. We encourage you to monitor and test out different tournament settings after you launch, to find out what’s right for your audience.


  • Apple Pay - Our top games see up to 18% of players using Apple Pay when it’s available, so enabling it helps you maximize revenue.


  • Deep Linking: Deep links” are used to send players directly to a specific screen in your game from a link in an email or push notification. For example, a deep link in a promotional email can send users right to the screen where they deposit money. Last year alone, Skillz promotions that use deep links resulted in over $1.7 million dollars of deposits!


  • Push Notifications: Skillz-powered games that set up push notifications retain 2.5X more players after 30 days than games that didn’t. In fact, 19 of our top 20 games have push notifications enabled, so it’s central to your game’s success!


  • Single Sign On: Single Sign On (SSO) opens your game up to the 15 million Skillz players who are hungry for more games to compete in – 23% of paying players play multiple Skillz games. With SSO, your game will recognize existing Skillz players, letting them log in without having to enter their username or password.


Step 5: Publish Section

In the publish section you will upload the final binary release in your game and verify that push notifications are working in your game. Once everything is verified we will sync your game to our production servers and enable players to start playing in your live game


  • Upload Binary: In the step, once you've thoroughly tested your game in our Sandbox environment, you'll update your game to point to our Production environment and then upload the new binary.


  • Verify Configuration: This is where we test whether push notifications are working in your production game


  • Publish Game: Once you’re finished testing and ready to publish, you can officially launch your game on this page. Your theme and tournaments will be synced to the production environment and your game will officially be marked live on the Skillz platform.


Next Steps

Now you can monitor your game's performance with our built in developer analytics suite, and, when it's ready, you can request cash tournaments be enabled for your game, so you can start earning!