Switch from Sandbox to Production

Step 1: Testing in sandbox

When your integration is complete, simply launch your game, tap the Skillz button, and begin testing in the Skillz sandbox environment.


Step 2: Moving to production

When your game is fully tested and ready for production, it's time to switch the environment from Sandbox to Production.

For iOS, find your code which initializes Skillz and change the environment from SkillzSandbox to SkillzProduction. Your code will likely end up looking similar to this:

[[Skillz skillzInstance] initWithGameId:@"156"

For Android, find the <meta-data android:name="skillz_production"> line in your AndroidManifest.xml file and change the value to true. That line of code in your manifest will look like this:

<meta-data android:name="skillz_production" android:value="true" />

Note: Make sure to upload your binary in the Skillz Developer Portal each time you make a
change in your game.


Below is a screenshot of the Binaries section where you will upload your binary.Screen_Shot_2017-11-09_at_5.21.46_PM.png

 If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or email us at integrations@skillz.com.