Skillz Permissions Requests


A number of required permissions are merged into your app’s AndroidManifest.xml from the Skillz archive.

Google changed the behavior of permissions starting with Android Marshmallow. Before Marshmallow, the user would grant access for all of an app's required permissions at install time. This posed a security threat, so Marshmallow and above requires the user to grant access for each permission request at runtime.

Some permissions, such as internet access, are considered benign and will be granted automatically by Android. Others are considered potentially dangerous, and these will prompt the user for access. Refer to the table in the documentation for a complete list of dangerous permissions.

The section below lists all the (dangerous) permissions that Skillz will prompt the user for access to, and why.

Permissions that Skillz will request for access


Skillz has Single Sign-On, so it writes to external storage to have a central location for storing login information of all Skillz games on the user's device.


As with writing to external storage, Skillz reads from it to retrieve login information for all Skillz games on the user's device.


Skillz requires camera access to allow the user to create a profile picture.


The user's location is accessed so he or she can participate in local real-cash prize tournaments.


Access to contacts is required so that users can find friends alreayd on Skillz or refer them.