Launch Your Game

Congratulations! By this point you have finished integrating the Skillz SDK into your game, and it’s now time to put your game up on the app store. There are just a few final steps you need to take in order to have your game up and running with Skillz.


Step 1: Switch your game to production

The first step in launching your game is to switch from using the Skillz Sandbox server (used for testing and development) to using the Skillz Production server. The way to do this varies by platform (refer back to the relevant ‘Core Implementation’ article).

Once you rebuild the game to use Production, This causes all your interactions through Skillz to run against our production server, where real cash transactions are enabled.


Step 2: Upload your game binary to the Skillz Developer Portal

After you have switched your game to production, you need to upload a binary of the final version of your game to the Skillz Developer Portal. This is done for security reasons. By uploading a binary of your game to our server, we can verify that only your game is attempting to access our production servers. Learn more about game binaries with Skillz.

On iOS, you can upload a binary to Skillz by creating an .ipa file. In XCode, this can be done by selecting Product -> Archive and then exporting with the Save for Ad Hoc Deployment option. Further documentation on .ipa creation can be found in Apple’s documentation.

Once you have your game binary, go to your Skillz Developer Portal Dashboard, choose your game and click on the Binaries section. Enter a name for your game, and upload the .ipa. Please note that if you change your game in any way after uploading the game binary, you must upload a new version in order to play the updated version on the Skillz Production server. You may upload as many binaries as you want.

Important: Make sure that the binary you submit to the app store is the same one that you have uploaded to our server!


Step 3: Test Skillz in production

After switching to production and uploading your binary, it is important to fully test all the functionality of your game again. We highly encourage you to test on as many different devices as possible. Here is a list of the things you should test in production:

  • Verify you can launch Skillz from your game.
  • Verify you can log in to a Skillz production account.
  • Verify you can play in all configured tournaments.
  • Verify that scores and tournament results are being properly reported.
  • Test that cash transactions work in production.
  • Verify that no Skillz operations cause your game to crash.
  • Ensure that if players attempting to abort a game are asked to confirm that they want to forfeit the match.
  • Verify that push notifications are working in production.

Don’t forget, in order to test a new binary in production, you must first upload that binary to the Skillz server, as mentioned in the previous step.

Production testing can only be done on an actual device, not through the simulator. You must load that binary onto a real device.


Step 4: Submit your game to the app store

Now it is time to submit your game to the Apple app store for approval. In general, you can follow the normal process for uploading an app. There are a few extra Skillz-related steps you must take. First, you need to provide Apple with a Skillz production login so that they can test Skillz related features. A test login you can provide them with is:

Username: Apple-tester, Password: cupertino

This is to make sure they can test all the functionality in your game. Without a login, your app may be rejected. Also, you need to mark your game as containing suggestive/mature content in order for it to be approved with Skillz. Finally, make sure the game binary you upload to Apple is the same exact binary as the one you uploaded to Skillz in the previous step. If you upload different binaries, Skillz Production will not work as a security precaution against unauthorized software.

That’s it! You’re done. Now just sit back and wait for Apple approval and go live when approved.

Thanks for integrating!

-The Skillz Team