Tournament Types


Skillz offers you the ability to set up several different types of tournaments through which players can compete for virtual points, or cash.



Skillz supports several different types of tournaments:


Head to Head Tournaments

These are the “standard” type of tournament, pitting two players directly against each other in a winner-take-all competition. Most Skillz games implement this kind of tournament, and they’re the best kind when still in the process of building up your player population.


Multiple Player Tournaments

In Multiple Player tournaments, you can have four players compete for the best score in the game. As in Head to Head, a lone winner takes all of the proceeds. These tournaments are best suited for games with large player populations, as more players are needed to fill in these games.

If your game supports standard tournaments, then it already supports Multiple Player tournaments as well! The differences between the two are all on the Skillz side of things.


Turn-based Tournaments

In turn-based tournaments, players take turns making gameplay moves. After each turn, their moves are submitted to Skillz and the player waits for their competitor to make the next move.

Turn-based tournaments are more complex to implement than standard tournaments because they have to save and load game state every turn.

The Marmalade wrapper does not support turn-based tournaments. 


How are tournaments played?

In Skillz, all tournaments are played asynchronously. This means that players do not have to wait to be matched with another person and compete in real time. Instead, any time a player enters a tournament they will immediately be put into a game. Then, their score will be recorded and matched against another player with a similar rating. If a match isn’t immediately found, Skillz will hold on to that player’s score and wait for another player with matching skill to enter the same tournament.


Cash or Z?

Players in Skillz tournaments can choose between competing for Z (the Skillz virtual currency) or for real money. While Z may be used for certain in-Skillz purchases, only cash can be withdrawn from the system.



Editing Tournaments

Different tournaments can be configured from your game’s page on the Skillz Developer Portal. These tournaments may use both Z and cash. There, you can experiment with different tournaments and identify the ones that are most popular with your player base.



Along with configuring different tournament types and price levels, you can also customize different types of games by setting up Game Parameters (iOS or Android) on the Skillz Developer Portal.