Report Score

This test is critical to make sure that you are able to properly report scores in your game.


Test: Post game replays for completed matches.

1. Finish a game with Replay enabled
2. Press the Replay button on the completed match
3. Click play and pause
4. Press Share this
5. Share Replay on all social options
6. Click Close
Result: Replay opens and starts playing both games that have completed. Can play and pause the video and scrub through the video. Both play at the same time. User can successfully share and view the video on other devices and browsers. Closing the Replay brings the user back to the Match Stream.

Test: Canceling a match when in a live event
1. Enter a live event
2. Cancel match
3. View pending score screen
Result: Shows score as aborted

Test: Canceling a head to head match
1. Enter a head to head match
2. Cancel match
3. View pending score screen
Result: Shows score as aborted

Test: Verify that a user can pause the game (if the game supports pause), and return to the game without UI or functionality issues.
1. Enter a game that supports pause functionality
2. Pause the game
3. Un-pause the game 
4. Play is resumed normally
Result: User can pause and un-pause the game without UI or functionality issues

Test: Verify that upon game completion user's score is reported and user is sent to Results Screen
1. Complete a game
2. View your score 
3. Continue to Results Screen
Result: User should see their final score reported and be able to continue to Results Screen without and UI or functionality issues.

Test: Verify that all elements of a head to head matchup are identical
1. Play at least 5 games and view replay to assure that all RNG elements are the same (same oil %, same starting board or map, etc.).
At least one of these games needs to be a with a new user and at least one game with an established user.
Result: All conditions are the same to ensure fair and equal conditions

Test: Verify that the play again button is functioning
1. Play a cash game
2. Select "play again"
Result: Play again button functions and user is taken to a new game of the same tournament type.