Upgrade, Login, and Logout

Upgrade, Login, and Logout are key Skillz functionalities. Make sure they work properly.

Test: Verify that upgrading the app will not cause any unexpected activity or crashes
1. Install and older version of the app
2. Play
3. Download the new version of the app
4. Verify the app launches without any issue and the same user remains logged in
5. Play, view PLOW, view pending PLOW, view leaderboards, etc
6. Observe that there are no issues or crashes

Result: There are no issues or crashes and the same user is logged in after upgrade

Test: Verify that user is able to log in when logged out
1. Log out of skillz
2. Log back in to skillz
3. Observe the user is able to log in to skillz

Result: User is able to log into skillz after logging out

Test: Verify that if a game is not skillz only, users should be able to log out
1. Log in to skillz
2. Log out via menu 
3. Observe the user is logged out of skillz
Result: User can log out of Skillz