Videos and Examples

Video Examples

Example projects

  • Sprity Bird, an open source iOS Flappy Bird clone implemented in SpriteKit
  • 3D Cave Runner, a simple Android+Unity infinite-runner
  • Cookie Crunch Adventure, a popular Swift example project, with added Skillz integration
  • Unity iOS example, a bare-bones example project for Skillz iOS integration with a Unity application
  • Blocslot, a Tetris-style game built with Marmalade
  • BlockBreaker, a Unity game that takes full advantage of the Skillz API, including turn-based tournaments and the skillz_difficulty parameter
  • 2048 for Android, an open source Android Native 2048 game integrated with Skillz
  • 2048 for iOS, an open source iOS Native 2048 game integrated with Skillz
  • Pinball, an open source Cross Platform Unity game integrated with Skillz