Facebook Install Invalidation Setup

Follow the below steps in order to set up Facebook’s Install Invalidation, as well as Skillz Deep Linking in order to improve UA efficiency, user retention and reactivation.
We recommend that you install and set up the Facebook SDK for your game. When it is properly set up, a user will not be shown an ad for the game if it is already installed on his or her device.

First, install the Facebook SDK. Refer to either the iOS or Android documentation. Be sure to follow the "Quick Start" links.

Facebook's SDK provides useful features to attract more users than if it was only listed in an app store. For instance, with deep linking, users can be taken directly to specific content in your game that attracted them to click on the ad. This increases the chance for user acquisition. Additionally, if you choose to have in-game ads, there are many optimization strategies to increase user retention, engagement, and monetization. Finally, app events allow you to track certain actions in your game for analytics, and measuring ad performance. These will allow you to make intelligent decisions on how best to further optimize your game and ads for more monetization opportunities.

Finally, set up Skillz Deep linking in your game. Android games do not require additional setup here for Skillz Deep Linking support, but iOS ones do.