Match Join

Test: Verify that the Match Select screen functions correctly
1. Click More on (each) Category Header
2. Click Play on Top Category Tile
3. Hold Down on Tile and Let Go
4. Test for both types of matches
Result: Play button brings user to the VS screen. Holding down on tile shows a pressed icon. Top tile in the category that can also be played without having to go into the category. “+ 3 More” Expands that Category. “3” is how many matches are in that category. User can touch the entire header bar to expand a Category see “ Match Select - Expanded”. Once A user selects a category and plays within that category when the user finishes a game the category will be open in match select

Test: Verify that when the countdown reaches 5 and then VS screen animation begins
1. Go to VS Screen
2. Begin Match Now
Result: Countdown reaches 3 and VS screen animation begins, Animations occur, Next brings counter to 3 seconds.

Test: Test the background darkness functionality on the VS Screen
1. Go to VS Screen
2. Let Timer go down to 3 seconds to go
  3 seconds the background starts to dim
  2 seconds it is dim
  1 second it is dark.
  When countdown is done the user begins match

Test: Verify that if the game has tutorial enabled then it will appear, if not then this test is obsolete.
1. Begin Match Now
2. Observe Game Tutorial
3. Click I'm ready To Play Button
Result: Player sees tutorial and "I'm ready to Play" takes user to the game