Custom Theme

The Skillz SDK allows developers to apply customized themes that alter the appearance of the Skillz UI.  This gives developers the flexibility to create a look and design that feels native to your game even while inside of Skillz.  This "Custom Theme" feature is optional if you would prefer to use the base Skillz color scheme. 

Finding the Theme Page

Your can try out different themes using the theming page.  This can be found by first choosing for which game you would like to create a theme.  Find that game and select "edit game" from your dashboard 

Then choose "Theme" from the lefthand menu

Selecting a Theme

To select one of the Skillz pre-made themes select an option from the dropdown menu.   Note that a game without a custom theme will default to the "Dark" setting.  Once you have decided on your option, you may further customize any of the colors or icons by clicking "Show Advanced."  When you are ready to save this theme to sandbox and test it out, just click the "Save to Sandbox" button.  If this is the first time you are making a theme for this game you will be prompted to name it.  Note that each game may only have 1 custom theme, so making additional changes and selecting "Save to Sandbox" will overwrite the previous theme.  

The advanced settings allow you to edit and custom each detail of the UI.  Colors and gradients can be changed by specifying either RGB or Hex values and the majority of images such as the tournament icons or background.

A preview is available for each of the pre-made themes, however there are no previews for custom themes.  To preview you game with a customized theme just try it out on sandbox!

Viewing Your Custom  Theme

Once you have saved your theme to sandbox you'll need to download a customized version of the Skillz SDK that contains your theme file.  You can do this by selecting the blue Custom iOS SDK button.  Note that this button is only available after your theme has been saved to sandbox.

Integrate the Custom SDK as you would a normal SDK.  Once integrated just open your app, launch Skillz and take a look!  When you are satisfied email to sync your theme to production, and then submit your app to the store.