How can I tell if Skillz Random was implemented?

Integrating the Skillz Random Number Generator is a crucial step in having a fair game between your players and we are here to help you out every step of the way. Follow these steps in order to test if your game is implementing the Skillz Random Number Generator correctly:

  1. Create a test account and start a match
  2. Play the game and try to take notes or screenshots of what the game looks like in the beginning.
  3. Try to document each move you make by taking a screenshot each time you make a move.
  4. After you finish this game, create another test account and try to join the match that you just played with your first account. You will know that you have joined the right match when you see your 2nd account is matched with your 1st account.
  5. Does the opening game environment look exactly like your 1st screenshot? If you make the exact same moves, your game should respond the same way it did with your first account.

If you were able to get through all these steps without any problem, then congratulations! You have successfully implemented the Skillz Random Number Generator.

If not, feel free to check out this tutorial to help you in reimplementing this step:

for android:

for iOS:


If you have other questions regarding this topic or you’re having trouble integrating this step, feel free to reach out to us at