Verifying your Tournaments

This article will explain how you can verify your tournaments and confirm your custom game parameters are being registered with our servers.

1. Add custom game parameters 

First, add your custom game parameters by entering the Name and Value, then pressing Add+ button. For example, below we have added "game_type" and "shanghai" as a name-value pair in our Shanghai Showdown tournament template. 



Below, we have added "game_length" and "120" as a game parameter in our Amsterdam Affair tournament template. 



Below shows the tournament, Tokyo Tryst, which we have configured to not have any game parameters. This is to show that configuring game parameters is completely optional. 



2. Save your changes

Once you've entered your custom game parameters, the next step is to save your changes. You can do so by clicking the Save button under Save Tournament Settings. Don't worry, these game parameters will still be editable after this step!


3. Verification

After saving your tournament settings, you will now see a Verification section. This is where Skillz can confirm that our servers are receiving the specified game parameters. Tournament templates in which you've configured custom game parameters will appear below, with a status depending on the verification outcome. Note that Tokyo Tryst does not appear in this list as we had not entered a game parameter for that template.


To verify your tournaments, you will need to:

  1. Enter the specified tournament in your game. It doesn’t matter what score you post, nor do you need to be matched against an opponent. 
  2. Once this is complete, press the Verify button.

The verification step has three different statuses: 

  • Awaiting Verification: The specified tournament has not yet been tested. You will have to enter the specified tournament and click the Verify button to see the outcome. 
  • Failed: Our servers did not receive game parameters for the specified tournament. You will receive this status if you have not yet entered the specified tournament. You will have to enter the specified tournament and click the Verify button to see the outcome. 
  • Verified: Our servers successfully received the game parameters for the specified tournament.

The screenshot below shows us entering the Shanghai Showdown tournament. 


The screenshot below shows tournaments in both Verified and Failed statuses. In this example, we had entered a Shanghai Showdown tournament but had not yet entered an Amsterdam Affair tournament. In order for the Amsterdam Affair tournament to pass verification, we will need to enter our game's Amsterdam Affair tournament, then hit Verify again.



The screenshot below shows us entering the Amsterdam Affair tournament. After completing the game, we would then hit the Verify button to see the verification outcome. 



Below shows the result of properly verifying all tournaments. Once you've reached this step, congratulations! You are ready to move on to the next step of the integration.