Samsung Galaxy Store

How to submit your Android game to the Samsung Galaxy Store 

1) Log into your Samsung Seller Office account or create an account if you do not have one. Once logged in, you’ll be brought to this page.  Click Add New Application.



2) You’ll see a modal to choose which application type to register. Select Android and select your Default Language. Click Next.



3) You’ll be brought to the screen below to enter general information about your game. Don’t worry if you plan to make any changes in future — you’ll still be able to edit this once you click Save.



4) Next, it’s time to upload your binary! Click on the Binary tab on the left-hand side of your new application. Choose Add Binary and select the appropriate responses for your game, then click Save.



5) Fill out the Country & Price section. This can be found underneath the Binary tab on the left-hand side of your new application. Choose Free for Price and check the box for US Export Laws. Click Save.



6) Enter the Validation section. This can be found underneath the In App Purchase tab on the left-hand side of your new application.



Be sure to include the below messaging as part of the comments being sent to the Validation Team.

 Skillz is a unique platform that enables players to engage in competitive eSports tournaments. Tournaments with real world prizes are available in 39 U.S. states and free-to-enter tournaments are available globally. All functionality can be tested by logging into the Skillz system with the following user credentials:

Username: android-tester
Password: android


7) Review all of your previous entries for completion and accuracy. When you’re ready to submit your application for review, click on the red Submit button in the top right corner of your new application. (If the submit button appears grey instead of red, there are required fields that need to be filled in.)

You can review the status of your submitted binary by clicking on the Binary tab located on the left hand side of your application.

  • Registering: a new application is being registered or the binary is being replaced. This should be the status when you initially upload your binary
  • Passed: binary has passed the validation evaluation
  • Rejected: binary was rejected during validation evaluation
  • On Sale: the application is for sale


Here is a download link to the official documentation for Samsung Galaxy Registration Guide.

Note: Besides the Samsung Galaxy Store, you can also host your Android games on the Skillz Gamer Portal and the Amazon App Store.