Importing the Skillz SDK from the Unity Asset Store

The Skillz Unity SDK should be integrated if you are launching a Unity cross-platform game on both iOS and Android App stores.
Note: The Skillz Unity SDK can also be downloaded directly from the Skillz Developer Console. See here for instructions on how to do this. 

Step 1: Download and import the Skillz SDK from the Unity Asset Store.

In your Unity project, navigate to the Unity Asset Store by clicking on Window --> Asset Store. Type "Skillz" in the search bar and press Download and then Import.

In the search bar, enter "Skillz" 


Click Download.


Click Import3._press_import.png


Step 2: Ensure all files are selected in the Import Unity Package dialog box and click "Import"

You should now see a folder named Mobile eSports Platform SDK within your Unity Project tab. The Support Files directory contains the Skillz iOS framework and raw documentation as zip files. Both zip files should be unzipped to a location outside of the Unity project to prevent Unity from importing the unzipped contents as assets.
Congratulations! You have now imported the Skillz Unity SDK into your Unity project.
If you haven't done so yet, create an account on the Skillz Developer Console. Add your game to the Skillz platform by following step 1 of this document
Next, you should set up your tournaments - you can learn how to do that here.
To continue with the actual core integration - please follow the documentation here.