Upgrading From 20x to 21x

This document is for developers who previously integrated the v20.x iOS SDK and are looking to update their integration using the latest v21.x and later releases of our iOS SDK. The latest version of the iOS SDK now provides support for player experience levels, user interface improvements, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Please download the newest Skillz.framework from the Developer Console and add it into your XCode project. If you are unsure as to how to do that, this article explains it in more detail.

We added Universal linking to 21.x so a user can click on a deep link via Chat in another game, and be redirected straight into an app to play in a Friends’ Tournament! As a fallback, if the app isn’t installed, the link redirects to the iOS App Store.

If you haven’t already done so, please complete all steps in Skillz Single Sign On. Single Sign On is important because a user can go from one Skillz game to another without having to enter their username and password again. 


Step 1:

Prepare your App for Universal Links

  • Add an entitlement that specifies the domains your app supports

In your com.apple.developer.associated-domains entitlement, include a list of domains that your app wants to handle as universal links. 

This can be done in Xcode by opening the Associated Domains section in the Capabilities tab and adding applinks:dl.skillz.com under Domains


Step 2:

Contact Skillz Support to enable Universal Linking

The last step to enable Universal Links is to contact integrations@skillz.com and provide your game’s bundle ID and prefix so we can enable this feature for your game!


Step 3:

Confirm Dev Portal Updates

Ensure that the Game Info section on your Developer Portal for Game iOS App ID, Android Store URL, iOS Store URL and all other fields are filled out, or universal linking won’t work.


Custom Theming Warning - If your game takes advantage of our custom themed SDK feature, you will need to build an .ipa or .apk with the new SDK version, upload it to our developer portal, and sync your game to Production. Prior to that, you may see artifacts within your custom theme.

Next Steps

If you encounter any problems, please email integrations@skillz.com with a detailed description of the issue you are encountering.

Congratulations, Universal Links should now be configured. You can confirm by doing the following:

  1. If needed, log out of your game.
  2. Download Diamond Strike or another Skillz game from the App Store.
  3. Log in to the Skillz Game, explore our new Friends Tournament feature, and invite a friend to play your game through our Chat!
  4. Click the link, and voila! It should take you to your game!