Theming - New Mapping

If you’ve integrated a game with us before, you may notice that we’ve moved some things around. We decided to reorganize the input fields into groups so that the most important things are easy to find, and if you want to get into advanced settings you can:



We also decided to rename our values out of camelCase into regular English. We help that this helps you better understand what you’re changing. Ex: “viewPrimaryColor” is now “Primary Color.” The advanced values will retain their original names. Please see the new name guide below:



Core Colors  
Old Name New Name
BackgroundViewGradient Background Gradient
ViewPrimaryColor Main Color
OpacityPrimary Main Color Opacity
ViewDividerPrimaryColor Main Divider Color
ViewSecondaryColor Secondary Color
OpacitySecondary Secondary Color Opacity
ViewDividerColorTwo Secondary Divider Color
ViewTertiaryColor Tertiary Color
OpacityTertiary Tertiary Color Opacity
CellBackgroundColor Cell Background Color
ProfileIconGradient Profile Picture Background Color
Accent Colors  
Old Name New Name
ViewHightlightColor Highlight
TabHightlightColor Tab Highlight
TauntImageGradient Taunt Highlight Color
OverlayEntryContainerGradient Overlay Entry Container Gradient
ProgressBarColor Progress Bar Color
GiftBoxHighlightColor Gift Box Highlight Color
SideMenuHighlightedGradient Side Menu Highlight Color
SelectedCellBackgroundGradient Selected Cell Background Color
FeaturedMatchBarColor Featured Match Bar Color
Old Name New Name
BtnGradientOne Main Button Color
BtnGradientTwo Secondary Button Color
BtnGradientThree Tertiary Button Color
BtnGradientStore Store Button Color
PlayButtonGradient Play Button Color
Old Name New Name
TextColorPrimary Main Text Color
TextColorSecondary Secondary Text Color
TextColorTertiary Tertiary Text Color
TextColorLink Link Text Color
BtnTextColorOne Main Button Text Color
BtnTextColorTwo Secondary Button Text Color
BtnTextColorThree Tertiary Button Text Color
TextColorSideMenu Side Menu Text Color
Old Name New Name
BackgroundImage Background Image
PrizeViewCashImage Cash Prize Image
PrizeViewCashGradient Cash Prize Image Background Color
PrizeViewZimage Virtual Prize Image
PrizeViewZGradient Virtual Prize Image Background Color
PrizeViewLiveEventImage Event Prize Image
PrizeViewLiveEventGradient Event Prize Background Color
BracketPrizeViewCashImage Bracketed Cash Prize Image
BracketPrizeViewCashGradient Bracket Cash Prize Background Color
BracketPrizeViewZImage Bracketed Virtual Prize Image
BracketPrizeViewZGradient Bracket Virtual Prize Background Color
BracketPrizeViewLiveEventImage Bracketed Event Prize Image
BracketPrizeViewLiveEventGradient Bracket Event Prize Background Color

We hope these changes help you during your Theming step. We will keep you posted as we continue to update and improve our Theming experience. Feel free to provide any comments below - we're always looking for feedback to help us make our product even better!