Updating your game from 21.x to 22.x on Unity

This document is for developers who have previously integrated v21.x of the Skillz Unity SDK and want to update their integration using the v22.x release.

What's New

The latest version of the Skillz Unity SDK now has pooled liquidity, user interface improvements, audio integration, along with miscellaneous bug fixes.

Additionally, we've streamlined the Skillz UI for landscape orientation in order to ensure a more consistent user experience across devices.

Before you upgrade

v22.x of the Skillz SDK was tested with Unity 2018.3, so it is recommended that you upgrade to Unity 2018.3 and above (but not Unity 2019) for expected behavior.

Permissions Note

Due to Android now being built with Android SDK 27, your app will ask for permissions at runtime, rather than at install time. Unity typically operates by asking for all possible permissions on the first launch of your app, and this can be overwhelming/offputting to your users. Refer to these instructions on how to prompt for only necessary permissions at runtime.


Step 1:

Delete the Assets/Skillz folder in Unity

Make sure to save any custom code you wrote in these Skillz files for safe keeping. In your Unity project, delete the Skillz folder located within Assets in your Unity project.


Step 2:

Import the new Unity package

With your Unity project open, double-click on the Unity package, skillz_unity_crossplatform.unitypackage, found inside the downloaded Unity SDK.


Step 3:

Ensure SkillzDelegate game object has your Game ID and a SkillzDelegate script

If a SkillzDelegate script is no longer attached to the game object, you can simply attach the SkillzDelegate script that came with the downloaded Unity SDK. You can also delete the SkillzDelegate gameobject and regenerate it again by clicking on Skillz > Generate Delegate in the Unity header toolbar.



Step 4:

Set the Skillz Orientation

The Skillz Delegate script in the SkillzDelegate game object now has a Skillz Orientation picker. You must pick either Portrait or Landscape to match the orientation of your game.


Step 5:

Delete Assets/Plugins folder

Before deleting this folder, make sure to save any of the files you created. We need to delete this folder to ensure that the Android Manifest, build.gradle, and Proguard files used to build your Android project are up-to-date.


After saving your files for safekeeping and deleting this folder, regenerate the Android Manifest. You can do that by clicking on Skillz/Regenerate Android Manifest:


Step 6:

You have now updated your project to 22.x and are now able to re-export your projects to both iOS and Android. If you encounter a problem, please email integrations@skillz.com with a detailed description of the issue you are encountering.

Important Please Read

To ensure the Skillz Audio API does not conflict with your current audio implementation please read the audio integration article carefully.

Custom Theming Warning - If your game takes advantage of our custom themed SDK feature, you will need to build an .ipa or .apk with the new SDK version, upload it to our developer portal, and sync your game to Production. Prior to that, you may see artifacts within your custom theme.