Google Play Store

NOTE: Skillz games submitted to the Google Play Store can only be Virtual Currency Games

Before You Submit Your Game

Before you submit your new Skillz game to the Google Play store, we recommend following these step-by-step instructions in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

To use the Play Console you must Register for a Google Play Developer Account. Instructions on how to register can be found here.

How to submit your Android game to the Google Play Store

Set up your Google Play Dashboard before you release your app

  • Log in to your Google Play Developer Account Dashboard.
  • Click “Create Application” In the upper-right of the page
  • Pick your game’s default language, fill out the Title and click “Create”1_-_Create_App_Screenshot.png
  • From the list of all applications, select the app you just created
  • Follow Google’s instructions to create the app’s store listing, your app's content rating, and your app's pricing & distribution. (All of this is prerequisite work for releasing). Please take note of these suggested settings during setup:
    • The game must be free to download
    • Genre: You you cannot use 'casino'. Pick whichever genre best fits your app. 
    • Privacy Policy: Use your own URL if you have one. If not, use:
    • Support Email: Use your own email if you have one, if not, use 
    • App Description: you may say "powered by Skillz" in the app description, but cannot use the words "gambling" or "casino". See our marketing guidelines for more information
  • Follow our IAP article here to get up and running with IAP.

Preparing and Building your Application

  • Prepare your Skillz app for release.
    • Follow the instructions here except for the final step which asks you to upload your binary to the Skillz dashboard. This will prepare your Skillz app for production.
    • Follow Google’s Guidelines here to prepare your app for the Google Play Store.
  • Once your app is prepared, build and sign the application.
  • Follow Google’s instructions here to upload your application to the Google Play Console.
  • Follow Google’s instructions here to create a release.
  • On the Google Play Developer Console, go to Release Management > Artifact Library
  • Click on the Download link for the version of your application that you just created.
    • Note: If you see an option to download an “Original” or “Derived” APK, pick the Derived version!


  • Navigate to your Skillz dashboard at
  • Find your game. Click Edit Game then click the Binaries menu option
  • Give your new release a name and version number. Then upload the apk you just downloaded from the Google Play Console. Make sure to hit “Save” when you finish!