Skipping Android Permissions Checks at Runtime

When exporting a Unity game integrated with the Skillz SDK to an Android Studio project, Skillz will merge a list of required app permissions into the AndroidManifest.xml file that gets generated.

Starting with Android Marshmallow, there are separate approval processes between normal and dangerous permissions. A normal permission, such as internet access, is automatically granted at runtime.

However, dangerous permissions (such as location access) require a prompt where the user explicitly approves access for your app. Unity typically operates by asking for all possible dangerous permissions on the first launch of your app, and this can be overwhelming/offputting to your users.

How to Skip Android Permission Checks on First Runtime

If you're certain that all of your plugins properly handle permissions at runtime, you can include this tag in your AndroidManifest.xml file, and Skillz will only ask for the permissions it needs as it needs them, improving the experience for your players.


<meta-data android:name="unityplayer.SkipPermissionsDialog" android:value="true" /> 

You can learn more about this from Unity themselves here, under the heading "Runtime permissions in Android 6.0".