Updating your game from 21.x to 22.x on iOS

This document is for developers who previously integrated v21.x of the Skillz iOS SDK and are looking to update their integration using the latest v22.x release.

What's New

The latest version of the Skillz iOS SDK now provides support for pooled liquidity, user interface improvements, audio integration, and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Additionally, we've streamlined the Skillz UI for landscape orientation in order to ensure a more consistent user experience across devices.


Step 1:

Please download the newest Skillz.framework from the Developer Console. Next, remove the older version of Skillz.framework from your project. Now, add the Skillz.framework file that was downloaded to your Xcode project. If you are unsure as to how to do that, this article explains it in more detail.

Your version of the Skillz iOS framework is now up-to-date.

Important Please Read

To ensure the Skillz Audio API does not conflict with your current audio implementation please read the audio integration article carefully.

Next Steps

If you encounter any problems, please email integrations@skillz.com with a detailed description of the issue you are encountering.